My internet has been sucking on and off for almost three months now. Just really inconsistent speeds and stupidly slow sometimes. Mostly between 7 and 10pm when we sometimes stream some tv shows. I have sent so many emails to Afrihost support and I’m so tired of it so I have decided to make them a little more enjoyable to write. Below is my email from tonight.


I just don’t know hey. Honestly I can’t just spend every evening sending you guys support tickets. These ridiculous speeds are starting affect my marriage. My wife streams TV between 8 and 10 in the evening and it’s impossible with these speeds. What more can I do here guys? I can’t sit every evening, when I should be able to relax and watch TV with my wife, doing speed tests and emailing support. It’s damn tiring. And I always get the same response form you guys. Sorry for the inconvenience, we have re-synced your port and stabilised your line at 8mbps – please restart your router and do another speed test. Boring hey? So boring.

I need a long term solution with some stability folks. I use this line for work as well. My livelihood is at stake here. I just had twenty minutes of decent speed and then nothing again. So much fun.

I feel like I have to start getting creative with these emails because they are just so damn boring to write and maybe if one of them is entertaining enough you guys might actually do something about this s#*t. This has been going on for months with no solid solution. I’m at the point where I feel like I should be getting some kind of monetary compensation because I’m really not getting what I pay for at all.
I have a friend who lives like 3 k’s away (I know he’s on a different exchange, but just humour me) and he is with you guys and he consistently gets great speed all the time. It just hurts you know. Like, why me? It was so good in the beginning, but you’ve changed. Why do you like my friend more than me? I’m insecure about stuff like this hey.

Please do something for me nice support technician. And if you can’t please escalate my troubles to a superior because like, I need this.

Until tomorrow night,


(Speed test below)

Speed Test

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