Happy Father’s Day! Really? Historically Father’s Day hasn’t been a great day for me and I’m sure it’s the same deal for heaps of others – even you maybe? In fact, this post was inspired by a friend of mine – a really great girl called Kate – I spotted her updated on Facebook about how she hates Father’s Day and it got me thinking…

Starting a good few years back and over a period of a few years Father’s Day gradually became a bearable day for me, then a day that didn’t really affect me at all, and now it is slowly progressing on from there. Let me explain some of the reasons why.

I have been married to my super-awesome wife for just over three years now and she comes from such a cool family and has a great dad.
When Lindsay and I decided to get married I got a pretty hard time from her dad – his mission was to make sure that she was marrying a good guy that would take good care of her and treat her well so he put the pressure on. At the time it was difficult, but I appreciate the experience now and realise how much it helped me grow and how much it has strengthened my relationship with him.

The way Lindsay talks about her dad and the way that he treats his daughters (and the way he looked out for her and protected her when I wanted to marry her) shows me how a man can be a good dad and shows me a little bit more of how God sees me as his son. My relationship with my father-in-law also teaches me more of the same. This has improved my perception of God (which admittedly can still use a lot of improvement), my relationship with Him and my knowledge that I can be a great dad one day despite my lack of education on the subject.

That brings me to the next reason that Father’s Day isn’t all that bad for me anymore – me becoming a dad! No, my wife isn’t pregnant, but we have been speaking pretty seriously about making babies so it’s only a matter of time I guess. Thinking about being a dad makes me so amped! And then Father’s Day will be a whole different story won’t it? I’m super-amped to be a dad, but I’m also super-amped to feel what it feels like to love your child with that hectic fatherly love. I’m amped to get a better understanding of how God feels about us as his children so I can know Him more and trust Him more than I do today!

Oh, by the way – I said happy Father’s Day to my dad today. Maybe you should too if you can? Just throwing it out there…

Happy Father’s Day everyone! It’s a good day!!

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