Funny music video

Just a quick little post – check out this music video. If you’ve done any kind of motion graphics or After Effects work you’ll find it reall funny. Besides that though, it’s really well done!

Thats it.


My wife’s dad

I just finished a site for my wife’s dad – Terence Archibald. He is a bird and wildlife artist in South Africa and is flippin talented! If you have some time go check out the site. The site was a quick job that I rushed a little, but I’m happy with the result. My girl and I are leaving on a 6 month ’round-the-world’ trip tommorow, provided the volcanic ash flying over the UK from Iceland settles before then, so I needed to get it done before we leave. I will be teaking it over the next while, but it’s pretty much done. Below is my favourite painting from the site – seriously, how good is that!?