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Fathers Discipline

I often find myself being jealous of what others have or with how their lives are. I compare myself to my friends and people I meet and far more often than not I feel inferior. I compare my achievements to those of other men my age and I feel so left behind. I feel very unsuccessful.

A few weeks ago, in one of these states, I found myself properly envious of where a couple my wife and I are friends with are in their lives and just how easily things seem to happen for them. Before I could even start complaining, God he showed me some scripture and swiftly brought me some discipline. Having grown up without the discipline that a father should bring I still find it difficult to accept discipline – even though I know how much I need it.

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My heart is filled with songs of Forever…

One of my favourite songs lately (if not ever) is a song by Thrice, called “In Exile”. It perfectly captures how I feel about being an alien or a visitor here on Earth.

Check out the video and the lyrics:

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Fight or starve?

So this is my first official post. Let’s see how it goes…

I don’t know about you, but I take an extremely long time to make decisions. I often (if not always) over-analyze situations and what the consequences of decisions I make might be, so a lot of the time I just end up doing nothing and avoid deciding altogether. This is especially true when the decisions I have to make involve trusting people and believing that they will really do what they have said they will.

This stems from the fact that when a was a child my dad would regularly make promises to me about Read more